• With these words, I want to dignify the excellent work carried out by the “Nuvem Vitória” project, which every week cheers the children of the general pediatric service of Hospital Santa Maria. It is to be commended the delivery of all those involved in this beautiful project and I want to emphasize the great commitment of all. Well, let them continue for many years

    Ricardo Silva Vigilant at Santa Maria Hospital - Pediatrics
  • Enchanting stories always have a happy ending. The storytellers know how to tell stories very well and I like them very much. I don’t really like to read, but I like to be told stories wherever possible. I wish my parents had more patience and time to tell me stories at home

    Paula Pereira 10 years old
  • We want to leave our THANKS to the wonderful people who embrace the Nuvem project with dedication, good energy and the smiles with which they present us when the children go to sleep. It is a very good initiative that feels so good to those who have to spend a few nights outside their home, outside the comfort of home. We loved the story of the dragon! (the story forbidden from being told at night) but it was with that story that my little Carolina vibrated and entered the world of dreams… Thank you very much

    Carolina and Jennie
  • The project "Nuvem Vitória" is very important because it provides the boys and girls who are hospitalised with company and happiness. They tell us funny stories that cheer us up and make us feel at home

    Margarida Alves
  • Last night, January 12th, 2017, I was hospitalized, and after doing a resonance I was in the room watching the news when two very nice ladies came to my room. They talked about a project of how stories and books can take us to magical places and how they can make us feel different things. I chose three books and Susana interpreted them for me. They were both right indeed. I don't know if it was the way they read the story or the story itself, but I really enjoyed it and it felt like I was in kindergarten again. Later, another lady came to tell a story with objects and it was also very nice. I think this project is very good because what for many is a sad and lonely night in the hospital can be happier and even help you sleep better, I really liked it and it turned out to be a good company. The text is very confusing but what I mean to say is that they are right because I ended up traveling with a children's story and the small conversation with them was very good. I think it is a good project to develop and grow because in a hospital everything that helps to distract us from our problem is a warm breath for our heart.

    Ana Rita Sousa
  • I had the opportunity to learn about "Nuvem Vitória" in less happy circumstances, because my daughter Inês is in pediatrics 6 at Hospital Santa Maria.  “Nuvem Vitória” is made up of voluntary people who tell stories to the children who are hospitalized. From Monday to Friday volunteers come to tell different stories and interact with the children. Since they are different people telling stories, they have also different ways of showing their story. I have witnessed this joy that is spread by "Nuvem Vitória" and how happy the children are with their visit. Personally, I was even interested in being part of "Nuvem Vitória", because there will be no better recovery than a smile or a kiss from a child. Even though there will be children who are weaker and without any reaction, it is always important to continue with them. Keep power “Nuvem Vitória” do not give up. A big kiss for you all

    Margarida Miranda Inês’s mother
  • I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that there are human beings like this, willing to give up their lives in favour of others and to help make a less good moment of our life, a little lighter. In my particular case, it was very good, it helped me as a mother to feel strength and a very welcome affection and that feels so good from people who don't even know anything about us and just want to help. For my daughter it also helped a lot to make a so impersonal stay, less negative and it calmed her down a lot. And that's why I thank you again and hope you continue to help other children who need so much affection. You're awesome. From me and Mara also "THANK YOU". I'm sure she won't forget “Nuvem Vitória” and in our own way we'll make your excellent work known.

    Patrícia Mara’s mother
  • Yesterday was the 2nd night we received "Nuvem Vitória" and for the second time I was delighted. Why delighted? Because I think it's noble to give without expecting anything in return, because stories lead us to travel, to imagine, to dream … These are moments of abstraction at a difficult time, because the stories told were so well told and interpreted that they almost seemed lived. “Nuvem Vitória” makes the evening shorter relaxing, smoother … It's a good preparation for a good night's sleep. I found incredible the ability to captivate and engage the "public" which is sometimes difficult, but with gentleness, kindness and a speech very appropriate to each age group, the challenge was clearly overcome. Just as I did after the first time I was with "Nuvem Vitória" today I will tell my youngest daughter the stories told yesterday to Catarina. Congratulations on the stories you always choose with a positive, encouraging and memorable message. Congratulations on stimulating the imagination and the taste for tales through your interpretive skills. Congratulations for the initiative of pure sharing and great altruism. I hope this pilot project gains wings and charms kids and grown-ups, just as it charmed me.

    Catarina’s mother
  • Yesterday we had the visit of the Nuvem Vitória team, it was wonderful both for the girl Carolina who had just entered the floor and for her mother Clélia who was very tired. Carolina was calmer, smiling, breathing more deeply. She loved the story as much as the illustrations, slept much better, coincidence or not, didnt make resistance to the ventilation to which she always did. The stories at the end of the day, before going to sleep, are like journeys out of physical mental space. Congratulations on the project.

    Clélia Mactirir
  • Hi I'm Joana Ferreira's mother who's been in this hospital since Monday 21-11-2016, when you started your storytelling project for the kids. I would like to thank you and congratulate you on the initiative. It is praiseworthy that someone who during the day has his professional activity, at night dedicates himself to making the nights of the hospitalized children (sometimes alone) a moment of joy and love for others. I'm sure there is some who have never had anyone to read or tell them a story. For my daughter, it's been great, because she loves stories. She is always looking forward to the night to find out what the next story will be, in the end she is very happy and always ends up sleeping better. Tthank you very much to all the volunteers of Nuvem Vitória for providing her with a more pleasant hospitalization.

    Alice Plácibo Joana Ferreira’s mother
  • Hello, my name is Joana, I'm 16 years old and I'm hospitalized in Santa Maria. Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a very special visit, that of a project called Nuvem Vitória, that comes to tell stories before we sleep. This action, although it seems quite simple and useless, is to be welcomed, because for us it is further proof that we are not forgotten and that they care about us, which makes us very happy and comforted. The story they told me was The Magic Paintbrush, which although it seems to be just another children's story, this is, when observed with other eyes, a metaphor, because that brush made what the boy drew become real just as faith and hope make what we believe to be the best also happen, in its time. Although I enjoyed this visit very much, I think that for the elders a different approach could be made, that is, they would tell the story and then we would talk a little bit more about it, trying to understand it in a different way. So, and to finish, I think the initiative is very gratifying both for us and for those who take it forward, to them I make a very special thanks. This was my opinion on the activity of 21st November 2016 with storyteller Heitor Lourenço.

    Joana Ferreira 16 years
  • One day a 10-year-old girl felt sick and went to the hospital... Everything happened very fast and in the middle of so much light, so much talk, so much tears a cloud appeared, "Nuvem Vitória". Well, the cloud did come to visit me every night and always brought with it a friend, a word, a story, a smile ... it was so good to be lying down and have all these emotions in just a few minutes. It reminded me of the nights at my house with my mother that after dinner it was time to brush my teeth, the cup of hot milk and the story accompanied by the kiss to fall asleep. Here, I could feel at home. It used to be good, it was good and it is still good every day, seeing and hearing those clouds visiting me and giving me comfort before I fell asleep. Vitória, Vitória, the story is over…

    Sara Matilde’s mother
  • Who tells a tale adds a point... Ever since I was little I have heard this phrase and it has never made more sense to me than it does now, but in a different way than it has always been explained to me. Ever since our friends from Nuvem Victória came to the service to tell stories to the children who are hospitalized here, I have understood this sentence differently. They tell a story in their own way, with their personal and unique imprint, they add something different and special that makes the children calm down and some even end up falling asleep. I don't know if it's the way they tell it, calmly, slowly and with a very quiet voice, or even what they tell about... the truth is that you can see that the children are very attentive to the beginning and then calmer. This is possible to verify even with children who cannot, or do not know, how to speak or express themselves, through their vital parameters, which we can observe that they become more stable. Even I who am sometimes more tired, just listening to part of the stories, it seems that I'm more reassured. It's like a soothing cloud that passes through the service and everything gets calmer. Thank you friends of Nuvem Vitória for making this service a calmer and more comfortable place for our children who have to spend their days here and thank you for wanting to share the beginning of your path with Pediatrics 6. We feel privilegeds.   Your friend's kisses

    Romina Costa Nurse
  • First of all, we consider the project an added value, taking into account its main content: SLEEPING. It often ends up undergoing changes due to treatment, pain, lack of privacy and silence, and is an unknown and impersonal space, so the initiative to promote its quality is to be welcomed. In the same way that the education team has as one of its main objectives, the humanization and the continuation of family routines and habits, this Project resembles us in these aspects. In a family environment there is or should be a routine at bedtime. Here, often this habit is an aspect that ends up being changed, which ends up being a contradiction, since this change requires more and better care and not their absence. Thus, the of telling stories at bedtime is not only important, but also therapeutic and educational. Although we were only present on the first day, the feedback from families and children/young people, is very positive. It is unanimous the satisfaction with which they talk the next day about the story they heard and its meaning. It is also noteworthy, the personalisation they have achieved through the diversity of children, pathologies, needs and ages (...)

    Bárbara Pina da Câmara, Filipa Maia e Silva Educators
  • Hello! It's never too late to thank you for the fantastic work you've been doing with our children, parents and accompanying family. It is a volunteer project to which you give yourselves and "for love of the game", I pass the expression. I confess that initially I was apprehensive, I wondered about the content of the project, the schedule, if it would not stimulate more the children in a schedule that we wanted more "peace and quiet" and how it would also impact us health professionals and our care organization. I had the privilege of getting to know you in the first week of the project which facilitated your integration and my willingness to welcome you (...) it was a phase where the service was "very calm”, according to our slang. During that week, and I can already tell you that during your stay in the service, I witnessed that your intervention is directed and adapted to each age group, each health-disease situation, approaches the parents/families and involves them, which is also very gratifying for them because they are "suffering" for their child/family hospitalized. From several situations I can name one (…) Yes, one is enough because otherwise they'd have a lot of pages to read here. (…) that was all at once when I walked into J.'s room and there was one of you telling him a story. I went on and did what I was supposed to do at that moment (I think it was administering therapy) until he approached me and asked what my opinion was about talking to someone in a coma. It's a plausible doubt, is the person listening to us? Do we have any impact on our intervention? Or are we just talking "to a dummy"? I said that in caring for someone, in whatever condition, I speak to them, I say what I am doing or what I am planning to do because until proven otherwise to me this person may be in a non-reactive clinical state but nothing proves that they do not hear or that our care, our tone of voice does not interfere with their tranquility. Then I showed him the monitor where you could see his heartbeat and at that moment J. was peaceful, with stable heart rates and not as fast as he usually is when he's bothered. It was at that moment that whoever was telling him the story told me that he had noticed that the values were lower since he had entered the room. This situation is just one example of your intervention. I could also mention that you make a difference to pre-school and school-age children when you bring them together to tell stories and allow their parents to go to dinner or just "get some air", is another example. This is why my testimony is very positive, and I would love this project to reach out to other services so they too can benefit from your intervention. Thank you all very much. And we willbe here together to smooth the edges so this project goes ahead.

    Bárbara Santos Nurse
  • Once upon a time … …. a star named PED 6 that lived in the sky with many other stars. One day, the star PED 6 started to feel lonely and sad. One dark night the star found a cloud called Vitoria. The cloud Vitoria, as she approached the star, asked her why she was sad. She answered that she was feeling lonely and abandoned. The cloud Victoria with great pity for the little star told her a beautiful story of enchantment and rocking, ending up putting the little star to sleep. The next day they met again and the little star confided to the cloud that she had had a night full of enchanted dreams. They agreed to meet every day to share new stories that would lead to colorful dreams. ……   With this brief, endless story, I intend to show my admiration and gratitude for there being people with imagination and capacity to accomplish this kind of project. Today in our society, few people give of their time for the sake of others. To give without thinking about receiving in return. As a health professional, a participative agent in this project, I feel that, unlike other projects that already exist in this service, this one has one of the particularities that made me excited to continue. This particularity is that the health professionals present are invited to participate. We are seen as a fundamental link to integrate the links of the project when they arrive at the service to tell the stories. I am a fan of this project because I had the opportunity to see in practice the implications of storytelling and the repercussions it has on the well-being of hospitalized children, which by themselves are already fragile. It's delightful to hear the stories that are chosen according to the child's age group and the message behind them. I wish this project to grow even more. Never be discourage. To all the tellers, who give a little of their time, Congratulations ....

    Catarina Grilo Nurse
  • The storytellers. For 2 weeks I have been listening to the stories they are going to tell to my daughter who is in Sta. Maria, for her I think it is a very pleasant moment, children in general like stories, but in this situation in which they find themselves, the fact that other people tell the stories, besides their parents, is motivating for them, because they see different people, who have a different way of telling the stories, which makes them get out of the routine, being stimulated in a different way every day, which contributes positively to the evolution of recovery. To the storytellers, thank you for your time in creating a very pleasant moment for the children who are going through a difficult phase in their lives, and the encouragement you bring to the parents as well.

    Luís Pai da Inês, 9 anos