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There are several ways to help the Associação Vitória Vitória: talking about and sharing the institution’s work, knowing what drives this team of volunteers, believing that a difference is made regarding the quality of sleep of children who are in hospitals or other institutions.

So that we can continue to take our mission further, find out about the various ways to support our initiatives.

Any contribution has enormous value for the continuity of the project. How to make a donation?

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MB Way 912 777 888

Sleep deprived employees are less productive and less able to make good decisions.

Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for low productivity and also contributes to absenteeism from work.

Promote your team’s rest with our Corporate Sleep Program.

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Your company event, team building or the next birthday party can count on the presence of a professional storyteller.
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Para ser nuvem

  • Ter mais de 21 anos;
  • Ser responsável, cumpridor(a) e pontual;
  • Cumprir escrupulosamente o manual de conduta fornecido no momento em que integra a equipa de voluntariado;
  • Estar disposto/a a integrar o processo de pré-seleção e restantes formações a acontecer, nomeadamente em nos fins-de- semana e período pós-laboral;
  • Disponibilizar o registo criminal.
  • É importante que conheça a lei que enquadra o Regime de Voluntariado.

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